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Gut zu wissen Man muss sich darauf einstellen, dass in einem japanischen Studentenwohnheim andere Regeln herrschen wie in einem deutschen. Generell kann man sagen, dass die Dusch- und Essenszeiten festgelegt sind bzw. wann Frühstück und Abendessen serviert wird. Zum Teil kann man auch Mittagessen haben. Das Frühstück kann gewöhnungsbedürftig oder einfach ungewohnt sein. Man kann ja aber immer noch auf einen Supermarkt ausweichen und sich dort etwas holen. Besuch muss man in der Regel anmelden.

“Waseda University” Some of our Japanese guest researchers and exchange students offer the following: There are several dormitories available for students. For example the Waseda International Dormitory [1]. These dormitories can be accessed from the campus by trains within approximately 1 hour. At the Waseda International Dormitory (WID), one kind of dormitories among above, rooms are furnished with bed, desk, chair, air conditioner, bookshelf, closet etc. Internet connection is of course available. English-speaking residence assistants who live there and are mostly students of graduate school, can help you every day. Breakfast and dinner can be served in dormitories, so you don't have to worry about finding restaurants in Tokyo city.

The Waseda University International Center [2] support the whole services for international students. For housing information, Click 'life at waseda ' and go to 'Housing Related support services' [3]. But it's not easy to apply by the students themselves, depends on the department the student belongs to. The rooms are limited for each departments and graduate school in order of precedence. Usually, international exchanged students apply the special dormitory through the department office the student belong to. Normally the department office or lab will give the infomation for housing. So the best way is Email the laboratory or department office at first. Then contact the international office [4]

There is also a good link for international students. The Waseda Residence Life Center [5]. It is originally for students who enter the Waseda University, but part of these pages is still useful for exchange students.

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